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Bantu Knot Out Tutorial | No-Heat Curls

I love playing with Paisley’s hair, but I’m always looking for ways to create cute hairstyles using as little heat as possible. This Bantu Knot Out hairstyle delivered on both counts and will last for a couple of days. Bonus! This hairstyle actually takes some prepping before you start, so Paisley’s Bantu knots had been…

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Flipped Ponytail Updo | Hairstyles For The Holidays

Today, I’m showing you the Flipped Ponytail Updo! You might not have a ton of occasions that call for a “fancy” hairstyle, but you should definitely be ready when the time comes. Whether it’s for prom, a wedding, a holiday party, or just because you feel like it, try out this Flipped Ponytail Updo that…

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