Top 20 Pros Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions 2022

Top 20+ Pros & Cons of Clip-In Hair Extensions? (2022)

Will You Benefit from Clip-in Extensions? The one drawback of changing up your hairstyle is there is often no going back if you don’t like what you and your hairstylist create! You’ve learned the hard way that highlights, lowlights, and all-over color are not only super permanent but can also seriously damage your hair. And…

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How to Buy Remove Apply Glue In Hair Extensions Perfectly

How to Buy, Remove & Apply Glue-In Hair Extensions Perfectly? (2022)

Not everyone has beautiful long and thick hair, some feel stuck with thin and lifeless strands that just don’t look good. But luckily, there’s a solution for the girls who are not satisfied with what Mother Nature gave them – extensions! It’s one of the best hair tricks of modern time and a real revolution…

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The Complete Guide for Buying Hair Extensions 2022

The Complete Guide for Buying Hair Extensions (2022)

Hair extensions are a great way to push the beauty, length, and volume of your hair. Whether you’re ready to make your hair look thicker or to extend your length, hair extensions can create a beautiful, dramatic, and natural look. For frequently asked questions about hair extensions, please see the last paragraph of this article…

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What Does X Grams g Of Hair Extensions Mean 2022

What Does “X Grams (g)” Of Hair Extensions Mean? (2022)

If you haven’t purchased hair extensions before, then you must have some questions. Everyone advertises easy to apply extensions, but it’s not easy to buy them! Especially when it comes to selecting hair. Assuming you have already decided on the type of extensions you want, including length, the next thing that comes to everyone’s mind…

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How to Care for Hair Extensions 2022

How to Care for Hair Extensions (2022)

Taking proper care of your hair extensions is imperative and is something you should take very seriously. If you neglect your hair, very quickly these beautiful extensions won’t look so nice anymore and you will have to replace them. That means spending more money and time. In case you haven’t bought hair extensions yet, please…

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Complete Colored Hair Extensions Dyeing Color Chart Palette Guide

Complete Colored Hair Extensions & Dyeing Color Chart (Palette Guide)

With 43 colors available, one might wonder, what color hair extensions should one get or what shade to pick when it comes to hair dyeing? Well, today we are happy to provide you with the all-in-one-color selection guide, which includes all the shades that we offer at our store. Order Hair Extensions Now You can…

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7 Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair How Long

7+ Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair & How Long Should Hair Be (2022)

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions Minimum Hair Length: 4 – 5 inches or 10 – 12 cm. Preferred mostly by women with medium-short hair, micro ring loops require a hair length of 4 inches or 10 centimeters for rings to be fully covered. That’s the important part! Best Hair Extensions  You can install extensions on…

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